Protests against proposed cellulose factory in Lugo

May 31, 2024

On May 26th thousands of Galicians lined the streets of Palas de Rei in Lugo to protest at the proposed cellulose factory that is being backed by giants Altri and Greenalia.

With water consumption that is estimated to use as much water per day as the entire province of Lugo, there have been a number of complaints aimed at the proposal.

Greenpeace are also being vocal about the many issues with the gigantic factory that has been proposed, which would also include the creation of a 75 meter chimney to emit sulfur just a short distance from the route of the Camino de Santiago.

Being funded by 250 million euros of public money, the factory would utilise more eucalyptus plantations, creating cellulose that would then go on to be used in various industries including fast fashion, with clothing giant Inditex making use of the product - and as a result of it being derived from wood, it can claim that it is an eco-friendly or sustainable product.

The Ulloa Viva Platform have also been vocal about the proposed factory, and Mónica Cea, spokesperson for the Ulloa Viva Platform, has indicated that the project “is not good” neither for A Ulloa nor for any other place in Galicia.

Greenpeace Video on the Factory of Altri

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