Rewilding Galicia

Galicia is an incredible part of Spain - with a stunning coastline and lush green areas. But there are some big ecological issues - namely the huge spread of the eucalyptus plantations for the paper industry. 

Galicia could be an incredibly wild, stunning landscape - if we were able to encourage more rewilding to take place, and to campaign against the number of unneccessary monoculture eucalyptus plantations.

Rewilding Galicia aims to help educate and inform people of the benefits that rewilding can have on a landscape, and to encourage more local inhabitants to get involved - and to help us to rewild Galicia  💪
Eucalyptus in Galicia

The problem with Eucalyptus

There are a lot of issues with Eucalyptus trees, especially when grown in such a large-scale fashion as is the case here in Galicia. A few of the main problems are:
Not Galician

They are invasive and non-native to Galicia

Galician wild flowers

They reduce natural biodiversity

Water usage

They consume lots of water

Oak tree Galicia

They out-compete native tree species

We've explored this in more detail at the link below - why Eucalyptus plantations are a problem in Galicia
Problems with Eucalayptus

Join our Rewilding Galicia Movement 💪

It's easy to feel defeated by the monotonous Eucalyptus landscape that engulfs Galicia. Why not help to raise awareness of the issues and help to spread the Rewilding Galicia movement - enter your email address below to receive updates on our cause.

Ways we can all help fight against Eucalyptus 👇 

Eucalyptus tree

#1 - Talk about the problem!

If you're not willing to stand up and talk about the issue - how is anyone going to know about it? For far too long people have been getting away with profiting from growing vast Eucalyptus plantations without a thought about the impact on the natural wildlife and biodiversity. Maybe they aren't even aware of those issues. Whatever the case, we first need to actively raise and talk about the problems of Eucalyptus.

Share your thoughts with friends, family and co-workers - and why not post about it on social media too?

#2 - Support native-tree planting initiatives 🌳

One way to fight against Eucalyptus mono-culture plantations is to support groups that encourage the planting of native trees. Find a charity, NGO or local group in Galicia where you can support the planting of non-invasive trees - like Oak, Ash, Elm, and countless others.
Native trees Galicia
Too many eucalyptus

#3 - Share our movement 📱 

In order for our movement to grow we're going to need your help getting other people involved. Lots of people are probably unaware of the issues that Eucalyptus plantations can cause, and so sharing this website, or our social profiles with other people can go a long way to helping to raise awareness.

Join the movement 💪 

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